Configure Mail Domain

Used to send out emails from your domain

Humanic allows you to run email campaigns on a specific set of users. To enable email sending and tracking, you need to set up a mail domain. Follow the steps below to add and configure your mail domain:

Add Mail Domain

  1. Navigate to the mail domain settings page in

  2. Enter the required information:

    • Region Name: Select the region where your email domain will be hosted. This is important for optimizing email delivery speed and compliance with regional regulations.

    • Domain Name: Enter the domain name you will use for sending emails. This should be a valid domain that you own and have administrative access to.

  3. Fill in the above information and click "Save".

Verify DNS Settings

After adding a domain, you need to verify DNS settings:

  • Click on "Verify DNS Settings" to initiate the verification process.

  • Optionally, set a daily rate limit for sending emails.

Ensure the state is "Active" to start sending your emails.

Sending DNS Settings

To send and receive emails using Mailgun, add the following records to your DNS settings:

  • TXT (SPF & DKIM): These records are required for email authentication and to ensure your emails are not marked as spam.

  • CNAME: This record is necessary for tracking email opens, clicks, and unsubscribes.

Receiving DNS Records

To track replies to your emails, add the following records to your DNS settings:

  • MX Records: These records enable Humanic to track replies to emails while still allowing you to receive replies in your inbox. If you already have MX records for this domain pointing to another email provider (e.g., Gmail), update the existing records to include the MX records provided by Humanic.

Next Steps

Once your mail domain is configured and DNS settings are verified:

  • Run Email Campaigns: Start sending targeted email campaigns to your users.

  • Track Performance: Use Humanic to monitor campaign performance.

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