Configure RDS to have public access

Step by step guide on how to configure RDS to connect to Humanic

Usually, RDS instances do not have public access. You would also need to allow your RDS instance to accept connections from Humanic server IP, Please refer below for how to do that on your AWS console

Identify VPC for your RDS instance

  1. Go to AWS console > RDS > your-instance-name

  2. Locate VPC name under Connectivity & Security > Networking

Create a new Security Group

Go to EC2 > Security Groups and click on Create New button

Add basic details

  • Security group name: HumanicRDSSecurityGroup

  • Description: Allow RDS access to Humanic servers

  • VPC: select the one that we located in the last step

Inbound Rule

  • Type: MYSQL/Aurora

  • Source:

  • Description: Humanic server

Outbound rule

  • Type: All TCP

  • Destination:

  • Description: Humanic server

Add tags as required, and create the security group.

Modify RDS instance

  1. Go to you RDS instance AWS console > RDS > your-instance-name

  2. Click on Modify button towards top right

  3. Go to the Connectivity section. Select the newly created security group from the dropdown.

  4. Go to Connectivity > Additional Configuration and make sure it's publicly accessible

  5. Click on Continue, review your changes and apply them.

Now your RDS instance is ready to accept connections from Humanic Servers

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