๐Ÿง What are Agents?

AI Agents make you get your job done faster and promise greater outcomes

Humanic, comes pre-configured with a few essential agents, required for Marketing, which are:

  1. Brand Expert - The brand agent ensures that all your communication is on brand.

  2. Content Expert - The content expert agent has the task of generating each email in a sequence based on the strategy. It also will incorporate any additional prompts or referenece content (e.g. existing campaigns, website or docs) to generate the content.

  3. Campaign Strategy Expert - The campaign strategy agent ensures that the entire sequence of emails for a campaign is organized around a strategy.

  4. Cohort Expert - The cohort agent generates the cohorts based on product usage data but can also include other sources of data that provide information about the user.

Can I add an agent? Yes, you also have the ability to add an agent and providing then the context in which is suitable for your growth and marketing needs.

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