Find your Stripe Credentials

To find the Restricted API Key (Client Secret) from Stripe, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Stripe's developer page: Stripe Developer Dashboard.

  2. Navigate to the API Keys page in your Stripe account.

  3. Create a Restricted API key:

    1. Provide a name for the key to easily identify it.

    2. Grant read-only permissions to all relevant resources (Core, Checkout, Billing, Connect, Orders, Issuing, Reporting, Webhook, Payment Links, and Terminal). Ensure "None" is selected for resources without read-only permissions.

  4. Click "Create Key." A pop-up window will display the generated key, starting with rk_live....

  5. Copy the Restricted API key

Store your API key securely and do not share it publicly. For more information, refer to the Stripe documentation.

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