Find your BigQuery Credentials

To connect Humanic with your BigQuery data warehouse, you'll need to provide three pieces of information: the Project ID, Dataset ID, and a Service Account JSON key. Follow these steps to locate these credentials:

Finding Project ID

  • Navigate to the Dashboard of your project.

  • In the "Project info" section of the Dashboard, you'll find the Project ID displayed.

Finding Dataset ID

To find the Dataset ID, follow these steps in the BigQuery Studio:

  • In the "Explorer" panel, expand your project to view the list of datasets.

  • Locate the dataset you want to connect to Humanic.

  • You can find the Dataset ID in two ways: Option 1: Copy Dataset ID

    • Click on the three dots next to the dataset name.

    • Select "Copy ID" from the dropdown menu.

    • The Dataset ID will be copied to your clipboard.

    Option 2: View Dataset Info

    • Click on the dataset name to open the "Dataset info" panel on the right.

    • The Dataset ID will be displayed in the "Dataset info" section.

Generating a Service Account JSON Key

To create a BigQuery service account key

  • Make sure that you have API enabled on your BigQuery API page. If you donโ€™t see API Enabled, choose Enable.

  • On the Service accounts page, choose your BigQuery project, and then choose Create service account.

  • On the Service account details page, enter a descriptive value for Service account name. Choose Create and continue. The Grant this service account access to the project page opens.

  • Choose Continue, and then choose Done.

  • On the Service accounts page, choose the service account that you created.

  • On the Service Accounts page, click on the three dots next to the service account you just created and select "Manage Keys".

  • Click "Add Key" > "Create New Key".

  • Select "JSON" as the key type and click "Create". The JSON key file will be downloaded to your machine.

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