Integrate HubSpot CRM with Humanic

Connect your HubSpot CRM with Humanic to easily manage and analyze your customer data.


Before starting the integration, ensure you have the following:

  • Admin access to your HubSpot CRM account.

  • Relevant permissions to authorize data integrations in Humanic.

Access Data Integrations

  1. In the Humanic Dashboard, click on the big blue + icon located on the left sidebar to open the Data Integrations page

Select HubSpot from Supported Connectors

  1. On the Data Integrations page, you'll see various integrations supported by Humanic.

  2. Look for the "CRM" category and click on it

  3. From the list of supported CRM tools, select "HubSpot" by clicking on its card

Authenticate Your HubSpot Account

Humanic uses OAuth to connect to HubSpot. After clicking the HubSpot card, you will be taken to the HubSpot OAuth page, where you will need to authorize the connection.

  1. You will be asked for permissions. Humanic requires read/write permissions to perform actions on your behalf.

  2. Click on Connect App to provide access to Humanic.

Verify Integration Setup

  • Once the connection is established, you will be redirected back to the Data Integrations page.

  • Hover over the Intercom integration card to view the last sync time and connection status

Next Steps

Humanic will notify you via email once the initial data sync is complete.

Once the connection is established:

  • Import data pipelines and marketing Emails: Access the HubSpot settings icon on the Data Integrations page to import sales pipelines and marketing emails.

  • Access Data: You can view and manage your synced HubSpot data via Humanic Data Management.

  • Create Milestones: Use the synced data to create and track milestones and cohorts.

  • Regular Syncing: Humanic ensures your data is always up-to-date through regular syncing.

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