Connect Your BigQuery Data to Humanic

Connect your Google BigQuery data warehouse with Humanic to easily manage and analyze your data.


Before starting the integration, ensure you have the following:

  • A Google Cloud Platform (GCP) account with the BigQuery API enabled

  • A service account JSON key file with the necessary permissions to access the BigQuery dataset

  • The Project ID of your GCP project containing the BigQuery datasets you want to connect

  • The Dataset ID of the specific BigQuery dataset you'd like to integrate with Humanic

For detailed instructions on locating the Project ID, Dataset ID, and creating a service account JSON key file, refer to the Find your BigQuery Credentials guide.

Access Data Integrations

  1. In the Humanic Dashboard, click on the big blue + icon located on the left sidebar to open the Data Integrations page

Select BigQuery from Supported Data Warehouses

  1. On the Data Integrations page, you'll see various data integrations supported by Humanic

  2. Look for the "Data Warehouse" category and click on it

  3. From the list of supported data warehouses, select "BigQuery" by clicking on its card

Provide Connection Details

After clicking the BigQuery card, you'll be prompted to enter the following information:

  • Service Account JSON: This is a JSON key file that authenticates your BigQuery connection.

  • Project ID: Enter the ID of your Google Cloud project containing the BigQuery datasets you want to connect.

  • Dataset ID: Enter the specific dataset within your project that you'd like to integrate with Humanic.

Complete the Integration

  1. Double-check that all the provided details are correct

  2. Click on the CONNECT button to initiate the integration process

Hovering over each connected integration's card will show you the last time the data was synced.

Next Steps

Humanic will notify you via email once the initial data sync is complete.

Once the connection is established:

  • Access Data: You can view and manage your synced BigQuery data via Humanic Data Management.

  • Create Milestones: Use the synced data to create and track milestones.

  • Regular Syncing: Humanic ensures your data is always up-to-date through regular syncing.

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