Connect your user activity data in Amplitude to Humanic

You can link your Amplitude data with Humanic in just a few minutes! The easiest way is to connect Humanic as a destination for your Amplitude data.

Humanic setup

  1. You will need your Humanic API key to integrate with Amplitude. Follow these instructions to find your Humanic API key

  2. In Amplitude, find your API Credentials and use them to connect with Humanic.

Humanic offers two main methods to transfer your data from Amplitude:

Amplitude setup

  1. In Amplitude Data, click Catalog and select the Destinations tab.

  2. In the Cohort section, click Humanic AI.

  3. Click Add another destination.

  4. Enter Name and paste in the API key you copied from Humanic AI.

  5. Map the Amplitude User ID field to the User ID field

  6. Save when finished.

Send a cohort

To sync your first cohort, follow these steps:

  1. In Amplitude, open the cohort you want to sync, then click Sync.

  2. Select Humanic AI, then click Next

  3. Choose the account you want to sync to

  4. Choose the sync cadence.

  5. When finished, save your work.

After sending the cohort, you can see it in the Data Management section of the platform.

Hovering over each connected integration's card will show you the last time the data was synced.

Next Steps

Humanic will notify you via email once the initial data sync is complete.

Once the connection is established:

  • Import data pipelines and marketing Emails: Access the Amplitude settings icon on the Data Integrations page to import existing cohorts from Amplitude.

  • Access Data: You can view and manage your synced Amplitude data via Humanic Data Management.

  • Create Milestones: Use the synced data to create and track product milestones and cohorts.

  • Regular Syncing: Humanic ensures your data is always up-to-date through regular syncing.

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