Connect your User activity and Marketing data to Humanic

Looking to link your Intercome data with Humanic? You can have it up and running in a few minutes!

To get started, simply click the '+' icon in the left navigation bar and select Intercom from our range of data sources.

Humanic uses OAuth to connect to intercom. So, Clicking the button take you to the intercom login page, where you will have to provide your credentials.

After logging-in you will be asked for permissions. Humanic requires read/write permissions to perform actions on your behalf.

You have to click on Authorize access to provide access to humanic. After this you will be redirected to Humanic integrations page where you will see the colour of intercom box to be blue and a green tick mark shows that you have successfully connected your data and Humanic has started syncing your intercom data.


  1. Once the intercom connection is successful, an email notification will be sent confirming Initial Data Sync has started. Depending on existing data volume, synchronisation may take up to a few hours until completion.

  2. An email will alert you when initial data sync is complete. It's time to create personas and configure your PQLs & PQAโ€™s and uncover your dark pipeline

  3. Hovering on each connected data card will show you the last time the data was connected.

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