Integrate your Marketing Automation Tool with Humanic

Looking to link your MailChimp data with Humanic? You can have it up and running in a few minutes!

To get started, simply click the '+' icon in the left navigation bar and select Mailchimp from our range of data sources - it's that easy!

Get API Key from Mailchimp

  1. Go to API Keys section of your Mailchimp account. (You need to be logged-in to your mailchimp account).

  2. Click on Create A Key button

  3. Name the api key "Humanic" for your reference

  4. Copy the api key

Get server prefix from mailchimp

  • Go to your mailchimp account

  • Notice the URL in the browser. It would be something like

  • Note down the server prefix. In the example above it would be "us19"

Steps to connect

  1. Go to Add data page by clicking the Large Plus icon on the left menu

  2. Click on Mailchimp card

  3. Fill in the api key and server prefix from mailchimp account

  4. Click on the Connect button

Now humanic is connected to your mailchimp and you would be able to add your users from humanic into your mailchimp audiences, tag them or add them to campaigns from humanic dashboard

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