RDS (MySQL/Postgres)

Connect your database with Humanic

Looking to link your segment data with Humanic? You can have it up and running in a few minutes!

To get started, simply click the '+' icon in the left navigation bar and select RDS from our range of data sources - it's that easy!

Steps to connect

  1. Go to Add data page by clicking the Large Plus icon on the left menu

  2. Click on the Amazon RDS card.

  3. Fill up details about your database and click on Connect button

  4. Humanic will connect with your database and show you a list of tables. Select tables that are important and you want to sync with humanic.

  5. Click on Connect button

  6. Humanic will now periodically sync up data from your database

It is assumed that your database is publicly accessible or at least accessible from Humanic's servers at IP, Click here to get step by step guidance if you use amazon RDS

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