Humanic AI is present in the segment destinations catalog. You can follow below steps to connect your segment data to Humanic.

  • Head over to your segment dashboard and select the appropriate workspace.

  • On the left menu go to Connections > Destinations.

  • Click on Add Destination button located towards top right.

  • Search for "Humanic AI" and select the Humanic AI card.

  • Click Next.

Select the data source that you want to sync with Humanic and click next.

Give a name to your destination, e.g. "" and click on the Create Destination button. After that click on Done.

Go to the destinations page and select the destination created above ( Destination).

Get the API Key from the Humanic.

Now on the destination configuration page on segment, add the API key you got from the Humanic page and save it.

Enable the destination by toggling the button near Setup Guid button on the settings page.

Go to the Event tester tab to test whether humanic ai destination connected successfully or not? try sending a test event on this page. if you see 200 OK in the response, then destination is connected successfully.

Go to the destination settings and go to settings tab. Enable destination should be selected, if not toggle it to enable the destination.

Segment connection status on Humanic connectors page will take some time to show the successful status of the connection. This delay is because, we want to ensure that we have received a threshold number of events to call this connection successful.

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