Connect your payment data to Humanic.

Looking to link your Stripe data with Humanic? You can have it up and running in a few minutes!

To get started, simply click the '+' icon in the left navigation bar and select Stripe from our range of data sources - it's that easy!


To connect your Stripe data to Humanic, you need client secret or access token(which would be Stripe's Restricted API key) as well as access to Humanic free trial or paid account.

Get Restricted API Key(Client secret) from Stripe

  • Create a Restricted API key. Provide a name for that key just to identify it and provide read-only permissions to all (Core, Checkout, Billing, Connect, Orders, Issuing, Reporting, Web hook, Payment Links and Terminal) of the resources. Make sure that the None is selected, if the resource does not provide any read-only permissions.

  • Click on the create key. In a pop-up window you would see a key is generated. It starts with rk_live.....

  • Please note down the Restricted API key, this key will be used to connect to the Humanic.

You can find more documentation from stripe here

Connect on Humanic Dashboard

  1. Click on the Stripe card

  2. Enter the Restricted API key(in the Access Token field), and click on Connect button.

  1. Humanic will start syncing your data from stripe. Initial sync up might take 20 minutes to few hours.

  2. After connection is successful, the colour of the stripe card would turn blue and a green tick mark there would would mean that stripe connection is successful and syncing has started.

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